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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Ceiling Fan

Swapping your old ceiling fan for a new one that suits your style is a great way to instantly transform any room, improve comfort, and save on energy costs. After you’ve customized your dream ceiling fan or found the perfect pre-made fan, another issue may come to mind once you receive it: how to install it. 

When it comes to ceiling fan installation, ensuring it’s installed correctly, safely, and with care is critical. Continue reading as we cover the ins and outs of ceiling fan installations including how much it costs, what to expect, and if you should do the installation yourself. 

Should You Install Your Fan Yourself?

Once you decide what ceiling fan to buy, the next step is deciding whether you should install the fan yourself or hire a professional to handle it. 

At Dan's Fan City, all of our fans come with detailed, complementary instructions on how to install your ceiling fan. We also have a helpline available during business hours to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. If you’re not comfortable installing the fan yourself, or simply don’t have the time or necessary tools, we offer ceiling fan installation services for $80.

Variables that May Affect Your Ceiling Fan Installation

With any home improvement task, there’s always the risk of personal injury or property damage — something that exponentially increases with less experience and knowledge on the part of the individual performing the installation. 

With ceiling fan installations, keep the following in mind: 

  • Wiring and electrical issues — be sure your wiring is set up for your new ceiling fan and that your electricity is turned OFF at the source before installation
  • Local building codes and regulations 
  • National Electrical Code compliance 
  • Ensuring you have the necessary tools to perform the installation safely and properly

Violating safety codes and regulations could lead to monetary penalties. Improperly installing your ceiling fan could lead to electrical problems that can potentially cause a fire — risking extensive property damage, personal injury, and even death. 

Recouping the Cost of the Installation

If you need to have your ceiling fan installed professionally, but are worried about the cost, there’s some good news: the cost of an installation can be quickly regained. With a good ceiling fan, you’ll be able to save on air conditioning costs. Ceiling fans improve air circulation, keeping you cool even with the thermostat bumped up a few degrees. 

For even bigger savings long term, an energy efficient ceiling fan can reduce your energy costs and lower your carbon footprint — all while complementing your space

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

When it comes to finding a ceiling fan that suits your needs, preferences, and style, the options are endless. Make sure you do sufficient research to ensure you’re purchasing a high-quality and durable product. Find a ceiling fan company that offers a warranty — this is a telling sign that the company will stand behind their products and put you, the customer, first. 

At Dan’s Fan City, we have a wide selection of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans and accessories to best suit your lifestyle. Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding your ceiling fan installation — our team of knowledgeable experts is always here to help.


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